How to make a hanging basket

Choice hanging basket
Making a hanging basket is not difficult. Provide a suitable basket with a coconut insert. This coconut mat is round and ensures that the moisture and the potting soil remain in the basket.

The basket itself must be large enough. If you want a large bouquet of flowers or herbs, buy a large basket.

Basket with vegetables, herbs and fruit
You can vary with different types of plants in your basket. But also choose fruit, vegetables or herbs. A basket full of different kinds of herbs such as thyme, mint, chives or sage is completely hot. You can pick fresh herbs at any time and it also smells good.

Tip: hang the basket near the kitchen door. You can quickly use the fresh herbs in your meal.
These mini vegetable gardens are a godsend for people with a balcony. It also gives your balcony a green look.

Fruit plants such as hanging strawberries are particularly suitable for cultivation in a hanging basket. You can sow strawberry varieties such as Temptation or Ruby Ann yourself. The strawberries hang nicely over the edge of the basket, so no frogs can take a bite out of them.

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