Green your garden

If you want to make your garden greener, plant one or more trees. You can find them in all shapes and sizes at Before purchasing, consider whether you want a deciduous or deciduous tree. In winter, a deciduous tree is bare and quickly sprouts again in the spring. An evergreen tree is green all year round.
A blossom tree such as Magnolia or apple tree blooms early in the spring.

more shade
In the past summers, many people longed for a bit of shade in the garden. A roof tree is an ideal choice. A roof tree has a thick foliage under which you can stay nice and cool. You can also create shade with espaliers. You can bend the branches in such a way that you get a whole canopy.

Bird and insect spot

A tree attracts birds. They find food there and can nest in the tree. The presence of birds makes many people happy. Small insects also live in trees. They feed on the juice of the leaves.

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