The Skimmia, atmospheric shrub

The Skimmia is such a plant that fits in every garden. It stays green in winter and is easy to maintain. The plant also keeps its original shape for a long time. Skimmia begins to bloom in September with fragrant clusters of flowers. In short, an attractive plant to plant in your garden or to decorate your balcony.

Female and male plants
The Skimmia can bear beautiful berries. Did you know that only the female plants bear berries? If you want berries on your Skimmia every year, you will need to have a male and a female plant in your garden.

The male plant can be recognized by the stamens in the flowers, the female plants have a pistil. You need one male plant on a few female plants. They are happy to advise you in the garden centre.

Autumn blooms are red or pink, followed in spring by white flowers. In fact, it is always the same flower. In autumn this flower is still closed and forms a red bud. When the bud opens to flower, it blooms white.

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