Yoga Outfit Inspiration

yoga outfit inspiration

I have never been a big fan of sweaty sports – and I mean you can totally see why, sweaty really does not suit my complexion – until a couple of years ago I realised youth is perishable and things I was taking for granted (like touching my toes with my finger tips) were really not as easy as they used to be.

When I started worrying about dying young and painful death, I looked into joining a gym. I ended up in a Yoga class mostly because it felt fairly benign and easy for lazy me but what actually happened is I fell in love and never stopped attending my classes religiously ever since – now I can do head stands, splits and other very brave things I never thought were an option for me anymore.

I find that yoga has reputation of whim rather than true sport, but if you felt bored at a yoga class it’s because it was obviously not that right class for you. Yoga can be as tough as circuits and it nourishes your mind too. Take any Ashtanga class and you will do more planks than in any pump class you might have taken. And if you are still not convinced, try this dragonfly pose and let me know how it worked for you.

On top of working out with your muscles and mind, yoga works on your flexibility and maintaining flexible joints is one of the secrets of ageing gracefully – for who is preoccupied with that. On that note, I recently read about top ballerinas daily workout (yes, illustrations read!) – and guess what – they practice yoga regularly too.
So if grace and great posture is something that you are after, book a yoga class asap. Just do a bit of research to see what style of yoga would suit you – there are lots from very meditative, smooth classes for beginners, to floaty, almost dance-y Vinyassa yoga, to tough Bikram (hot) yoga.

Before you rush out the door, make sure you have a bit of fabulous equipment to keep you looking as cool as the other yoga girls – and keep you motivated (since you invested in your outfit you’ll have to go, right?) If you want to look as gracious as possible from day 1, go for high waist shaping leggings and a good quality sports bra. Add a top if you feel you need it, but to me feeling well… contained is key, there is nothing worse than a yoga class in which I have to worry about unsightly displays at every step and twist 😉

xx folklorique

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