The Wee Bagpiper Girl

Well autumn is here and in no time we’ll all catch the dare I say it – Christmas bug?! I have spent part of the summer wandering through the Scottish highlands, following the North Coast 500 trail and it was as stunning as I imagined and more. Wish my life was more of a perpetual holiday to allow me to explore all the wonderful places out there.
So, the Scottish highlands inspired this sketch and my choice of an autumn fashion capsule: a bit of tartan, a snug velvety blazer – you all completely obsessed with velvet as I am this season? – and Dr Martens boots to complete the look. Also among my current obsessions: emerald greens, deep blues and that mustard colour that looks incredibly cool.

The other influence is Christmas – as the wee bagpiper girl is my own version of the little drummer boy. Be fun and fabulous this cold season! x

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