Tired of the Rat Race

It has been a tough old week and although I am usually perky and ready for another (shopping) adventure on a regular Saturday morning, today I decided to take it easy.

Now I am a tough old cookie, confident as they come and all, but some days even the best of us get tired and low. And I guess what I am trying to say is – that is alright. I will take my time, stay in my favourite fluffy PJs for the whole day and wallow for a while.

Rat RaceI will re-energise, breathe, watch TV with no make up on and generally not lift a finger at all, not even to check my Instagram feed – since no one there is ever tired, sad or lonely. I wish life was a sparkly joyous carousel all the time, but that is not the case. And that is ok too, makes you just appreciate the next good thing around the corner even more.

I will continue to be kind and useful – once I finish all the chocolate in the house and catch up on all my favourite TV. I wish you all a smooth weekend and we’ll catch up when I am in my usual glamorous mood.

I will leave you with my #ootd selection – this might cheer you up a bit – definitely brought a spark in my eye.




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