Strawberry Mood

Whenever I am in a bad mood, overwhelmed or tired by the hustle and bustle of living a life of neverending parties and social gatherings (as fitting for someone as fabulous as moi) I tend to overdo it with bright colours, makeup and big hair.

In fact, those who know me will recognise – the worse the mood, the better I look – and I warn you, today – stay away! I am this close to a full meltdown and some of you might think I am spoiled but really, even Gwyneth Paltrow has bad days – I know, we chat on Whats App all the time exchanging tips on diets, yoga and relationships.

So while I will fabulously stomp away in a huff, have a look at my spring strawberry capsule collection. It distracted me enough to even slightly smile to the person who brought me coffee and vegan croissants this morning. Pick your bright and bold favourites, and remember – if they’re not stairing, you’re not doing it right!

Ciao, darlings x

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