A Giveaway of Prints

So the very first batch of printed postcards arrived and a bit as expected, not 100% correct. There is one small problem with the “Cool as a Cucumber” postcard, as you can see the letters are slightly pinched at the bottom by the frame.

I kinda hate waste so was wondering – would anyone still love them? Happy to offer you one for free if you are UK based 🙂 I still think they could look good framed or as part of a bigger collage or mood board.

In this sketch I wear a very elegant Oscar de la Renta little black dress straight off the runway and I think I make it look rather good.

If you would like one of the 10 imperfect cards for free and also enjoy receiving news and freebie alerts from moi, register in the form below. I will announce the 10 winners on the 1st of November 2017 across social media and via email! I don’t get a lot of traffic so please share with friends

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